Reasons You Should Ride Fixies

The fixie is a single-speed bike which became popular before the three-speed and multi-gear bicycles. It attained its unique name because it had a fixed gear and also since you could not coast on it. It had been out of the biking season for a while until it reemerged in the late 1980s when it was used by students and couriers to get around.

What made the fixies Adelaide very famous then and now was its reliability, the control you have over it, and the no-fuss mechanics. Its efficiency and simplicity made it very favourable among non-professional cyclers, and the reality that it was an ideal alternative to driving cars. Also, it was a great way to bypass traffic jams, making it rise higher in status.

If you wanted to enjoy yourself, rediscover the joy of riding a bike, and admire the beautiful scenery, then the fixie is the right bike for you. If you wanted an exercising bike to help keep you active, the fixie gives you a well-rounded bike due to its affordable cost when compared to geared bikes, and it requires minimal maintenance. The bike is as straightforward as they come- ride the bike, pedal it, and that’s all.

Most people have trouble differentiating it with single gear bikes which allow you to coast when riding downhill. Fixies are different from single gear bikes since they do not allow you to coast, which makes it perfect for exercising since it forces you to keep on pedalling whether going downhill or uphill. It is no wonder that it is the bike most professional cyclist use to train.

Fixes, when compared to other bikes, are more stable and reduces complexity when it is ridden. This might be because the chain is straight and it does not go through gears, making the ride much more comfortable. The bike is also much easier to use because the position of the gear is usually better in a majority of terrain types and is set up much simpler. Most fixes come with a flip/flop hub, allowing you to choose how to ride.

Ironically, despite their name, fixies Adelaide tend to be flexible in that it can be converted to a single gear bike at will. All that you have to do to achieve this is to set the hub so that it switches between the single fixed gear and the single gear, as such you can enjoy both depending on your mood. You can opt to use the single gear in hilly terrain to make it much easier and switch back to fixed gear on flat ground.

There are many advantages of fixies which make them the ideal bike. It would a perfect idea to buy one especially if you looking for something to exercise in.