Why do You need to Hire a Building Inspector?

Entering the property market for the first time is one of our life’s big moments. It’s a learning experience that introduces people to the world of real estate, property values and finding that “dream home.” Having that learning experience though can mean that people make mistakes – some of these mistakes can be minor, others can be costly though – costly regarding money, time and stress.

One mistake people can make, especially when they’re buying an established or older home, is to neglect to hire a licensed, independent building inspector to carry out an examination of the property.

So why is it critical to hire a professional building inspector before you buy a dream home? It’s simple – what might appear to be your dream home on the surface could turn out to be your worst nightmare. A building inspection can help you potentially dodge a huge bullet. A building inspection will reveal any structural problems such as increasing damp, it will look for any potential faults that may have just been covered up with little more than a Band-Aid, and it will search for any possible pest infestation and related problems. You will then typically be presented with a report detailing the building investigation process and the subsequent findings.

Avoid the stress and worry of buying a lemon

Essentially the benefit that comes from getting a pre-purchase building inspection is that you can potentially save tens of thousands of dollars you have spent repairing and servicing an otherwise unlivable property. You can dodge that bullet, avoid that lemon of a home or investment property, and continue the search for the dream home that is pest free and structurally sound.

As mentioned above, entering the real estate market for the first time is a learning experience that can result in people making the occasional mistake. Don’t let the house you purchase become the biggest mistake of all. Before you sign on the dotted line, be sure to get yourself a pre-purchase building inspection and know your building’s true condition before you buy.

To be sure that you are making the right steps when purchasing a real estate property, you need to hire the right building inspectors. You can get an inspector by seeking referrals or by doing your research online and reading reviews about building inspectors. For professional inspection services, contact

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