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Show Your Personality with the Best Men’s Shoes

The shoe tells more about the person wearing them – this is more so when it comes to mens fashion. There is a general belief that women have more shoes than men, which is true. However, men are slowly catching up, and the modern man ensures that he has footwear for every occasion and every season. The shoe can give you the confidence and allow others to judge you based on the type you are wearing. Research has it that women look at shoes first whenever they meet a new guy. Therefore, as a guy, you have to be careful when buying shoes. Be it that you are buying mens summer shoes or office shoes, pay close attention to details to ensure that you get everything right.


The shoe is a gateway to the individual’s personality. The extrovert will wear a shoe that is full of colour and intricate design. These people will are outspoken and vibrant – thus matching their footwear. A plain, simple trainer, for example, displays that the wearer is more laid back and introvert. Someone with class and who hangs around formal social scene will no doubt wear expensive black or brown brogues

Informal Occasions

There was once a period when men dressed top to bottom. Today, men dress from the bottom to top starting with the shoes. The shoe is the first item of fashion men decide to wear before anything else. For men, there are different types of footwear on the market today. For informal occasions, white trainers will do. These will go great with chinos and jeans. Here are various other styles including flip-flops, trainers, and summer shoes. Each of these come in different colour and design so that there is a shoe for every occasion and every individual.

Formal Occasions

Formal occasions will see men wear dark coloured shoes such as brogues. The dark colour will match the suit if the individual. Either laced up or slip on shoes will be suitable in these circumstances. Once you have chosen your preferred design and colour, the next thing is to ensure that you pick the right size. Size matters a lot as will determine how comfortable you are. If you are not sure of the right size, you can always consult a podiatry doctor and get professional advice.

When it comes to shopping for mens summer shoes, formal shoes, casual shoes, boots, and so on, you should make sure that you are doing so from the best shoe dealers. In this case, you can either buy online or at your local store. However, buying online is a better choice as you can easily make a price comparison and do everything in the comfort of your office or office. Also, by buying online, you also enjoy delivery services which make the whole process seamless. The bottom line is knowing the type of shoe you need, the size, the best brand and then order from a reliable shoe dealer.