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The 3 Main Types of Instant Hot Water System

Our lives have been made easy with the introduction of the instant hot water systems. These are connected to the taps in our homes allowing us to have access to hot or warm water whenever we need it. Besides the fact that these water systems are instantaneous, they also offer our homes and business many other benefits. There are three types of instant water systems on the market, and each has its advantages and benefits.


This is the most common type in the market today. You will need a plumbing expert to install this type in your house, as it is connected to the main water supply. The tank will heat the water and convey it to the hot faucet when you turn it on. It also comes fully equipped with some useful features, including a filter and an adjustable thermostat. The best thing about this water heating system is that you will never need to fill it and it can produce heated water in large volumes.


This is a hot water system that is slowly gaining popularity because it does not need a tank at all, it is light and portable. This the best option for homes that do not have much space because they are much smaller than their storage counterparts. Many people prefer this as it does not require a plumber for installation and it does not use much power, as it only heats when needed. While it is an environmentally friendly option, you will need to keep on refilling it.

Heat Pump

This is the newest system on the market. Similar to the tankless water heating system, it does not store water that is heated, and it does not require a plumber to do the installation. The system is operated by either a manual push down pump or a built-in electric pump. It will heat the water, as you would do in a kettle or pot before sending is to the hot faucet. While it does feature an adjustable thermostat, you need to refill it, as it has a maximum storage capacity of only 5 litres.

If you are interested in having an instant hot water system installed in your home, then you can choose one of the above. However, when buying, be sure that you are buying from reliable dealers. Also, the best thing is to hire an expert to have the system installed professionally. It is much safer that way, and it will serve you better. Many experts can help you in the supply and installation of water systems, and all you need is to do proper research.