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Is Stump Removal Important?

SA Stump removalThe process of removing a tree is more than just felling it. Once the tree is down, cleaning follows whereby you deal with the trunk, branches, and other debris. After this, the last stage of tree removal is removing the stump. After cutting down a tree, the stump is what remains. The size of the stump will depend on the size of the tree, which also means that it will influence the ease of removing the stump. The location of the stump also matters a lot. When the stump is in a tight access area, much work will be put in to remove the stump. However, why should you bother to remove a tree stump?

Well, there are many reasons why you should consider SA stump removal. The primary and most evident reason is that a stump has no value in your backyard. A rotting stump adds no beauty value to your landscape and only paints a bad picture of you. The other reason is that a stump poses safety issues when you have kids in the compound. Kids are always playful and explorative, and so they will innocently play around the stump, and they will end up hurt. Therefore, by removing the stump, you will be doing your kids a favour.

Termites and other pest love dead wood. Therefore, with a dead stump in your backyard, you are attracting these pesky pests. Once the pest attacks the stump, they will soon find their way into your house, and we all know the immense damage caused by pests. Therefore, you need to remove the stump as soon as possible to minimise chances of pest infestation in your house. You can as well remove a stump when you want to develop your property. If a stump is getting in your way when doing a home addition or extension project, it is wise to remove the stump. Last but not least, you should remove a stump to avoid sprouting.

When it comes to tree stump removal, this is not one of those projects you can handle on your own unless you are a professional tree surgeon. Even though there are instances where you can do a stump removal the DIY way such as when the stump is small in size, located in a clear area, or you have some essential tools, it is not advisable because you can injure yourself and will take you lots of time which makes it expensive in the long run.

The right thing is to hire an SA stump removal company. The experts have the training, experience and the right tools. They will do the job right, take less time and offer cleaning services. All you need is get the right team as there are many such tree experts. Do proper research, and you will find a trustworthy stump removal company.