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Palm Tree Care – Trimming and Shaving

If you love the beauty that comes with palm trees, then you should be ready to take good care of your palm tree. Just as the famous saying ‘nothing goods comes on a silver plate’ a beautiful palm tree means that you have to work on it and it all starts with trimming. Palm tree trimming is essential as it not only gives shape to your tree but also keeps the tree clean. Trimming should begin as early as the fronds start drying up flopping.

When this happens, you need to grab the necessary tools and start trimming off those fronds since they are of no benefit to the tree. However, once you cannot reach the fronds on your feet, it is no longer a DIY project and this where the need to hire palm tree trimming Perth services come in. Using a ladder or climbing a palm tree is not a task for the weak and comes with many risks, and that is why you need to hire a professional.

There are many palm tree care companies out there, and so you will not have problems finding trimming services. All you need is to make sure that you have the right team. But why is it necessary to prune your palm tree? Well, there are several reasons why you need to trim your tree. First, a shaggy tree is very unattractive, and so pruning ensures that you have a beautiful palm tree which will add beauty and value to your landscape. Another reason to prune your palm tree is to avoid potential fire hazards.

Dead fronds dry out very quickly. The longer you leave them on the tree, the more potential fire hazard you may be creating. A lightening or a simple spark can set the whole tree ablaze, and this is not the kind of fireworks you would want in your backyard. Finally, trimming also discourages rat nesting habitats which will help in keeping your property pest free.

As seen above, there are numerous reasons to trim a palm tree aide form the beauty and growth reasons. After a few months of shaving, the palm tree becomes hairy as the wounds heal. A hairy palm tree is unattractive, and this is where tree sculpting and shaving comes in. The tree care company can help shave and clean your palm tree to get that smooth look you want. All you need is hire a palm tree trimming Perth company that also offers other services like sculpting and shaving. With such a palm care company, you can be sure of having a tree similar to those palm trees in five-star hotels. Start your search today and get a reliable and experienced palm tree company.